Our History

Established in 1972 as the result of the collaboration between Antonio Brunelli and Ferruccio Lorenzon, Bielle began life as an artisan workshop based on the specialist skills and expertise of its two founders within the wood trade and furniture manufacturing sectors. Even though it could only count on limited machinery and a simple organisational structure, Bielle started to flourish mainly thanks to the skills and entrepreneurial mindset of its founders. It soon became well-known for the production of high-quality drawers and chest of drawers and achieved a strong position in the Italian market. Throughout its existence, which spans more than four decades, Bielle has continuously evolved, adapting to the multiple changes within the furniture market in the attempt to achieve excellence in the creation of products that meet clients’ requirements. Today under the supervision of Guido Lorenzon and Riccarda Brunelli, the company’s second-generation owners, Bielle continues to be managed according to the legacy of its founders and their core values shared by the whole workforce: tradition, quality, passion and a client-focused approach.

Bielle combines a passion for innovation with the ethics and traditional values of a family business.

Our products are the result of the artisan craftsmanship and know-how that comes from forty years of experience within the sector.

Bielle can count on the dedication and determination of everyone who contributes to the development and continuous improvement of its products.

Our team

  • Guido Lorenzon

    MD and Head of Production

  • Riccarda Brunelli

    Head of Administration

  • Lorenza Meneghin

    HR Administrator

  • Mauro Paoletti

    Sales Manager

  • Mauro Breda

    Technical Manager

Our journey


Bielle starts operating in the Ukranian market


Bielle widens its product range by starting to produce chests of drawers


Bielle builds a second extention (about 1000sqm) to expand its warehouse space


Bielle celebrates its 30th anniversary


Bielle builds further office space


Bielle acquires additional land for construction to increase its office space


Bielle builds a new office space


Bielle builds additional 4,800 sqm to increase its existent warehouse space


Bielle invests in additional land for contruction to expand its warehouse space


Bielle starts developing a client network in the Pesaro area


A new varnishing line is added to the production line


In addition to drawer components, Bielle starts producing drawers to meet an increasing demand among its clients


Bielle celebrates the opening of its current headquarters


Antonio Brunelli and Ferruccio Lorenzon founded Bielle, an artisan workshop, specialising on the production of drawer components