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We specialise in the production of drawers and chests of drawers in multilayer and solid wood for home and office furniture producers.

Quality and reliability for furniture manufacturers and for the contracting sector.

Our clients

Two families, two generations, one shared goal:

designing and crafting superlative products

It was 1972 when Antonio Brunelli and Ferruccio Lorenzon decided to start a carpentry workshop, where they could combine their respective expertise in wood trading and woodworking.


They soon realised that the winning strategy was to specialise in the production of drawers and chests of drawers. In that way, they could craft products that were technically excellent, tailored to their clients’ needs, as well as sturdy and durable.

Today the company is run by Riccarda Brunelli and Guido Lorenzon, daughter and son of Antonio and Ferruccio respectively. Under the leadership of the families’ second generation, Bielle continues to work according to the same values that have enabled its success and growth over the last five decades.

From the very beginning, we decided to focus on the production of drawers and chests of drawers, and our 50 years of experience in the sector makes Bielle a credible and reliable partner.

Know-how and specialisation

Our production facilities are equipped with the most technologically advanced machinery, and employ only highly specialised workers, who supervise every step of the production process.

Industrial craftsmanship

The quality of our finished products is derived from our selection of the best raw materials and the most stringent quality control throughout the production process.

High-quality materials and manufacturing techniques

Our drawers and chests of drawers are created to meet our clients’ specific needs and technical requirements. Clients can select the wood type and personalise all aspects of the drawers: their shape and size as well as their finishes and components.

Tailored approach

We work with our clients to create a unique product that leverages our 50 years of experience in the high-end furniture sector.

Design consultation

While still deeply rooted in tradition, our company is constantly looking to the future. We continue to adapt to a rapidly changing market, while striving to anticipate changes in our clients’ tastes and requirements.

Resilience and adaptability


Italian and European manufacturers of

Sectors: Home and Office furniture, Kitchens, Bathrooms


Settori: Ho.Re.Ca, Office, Naval Sector, Retail & Franchising

Drawers and chests of drawers

Made in Italy.

Since 1972

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