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We produce drawers in multilayer wood (mainly birch, beech and poplar wood) and in solid wood (pine, fir, beech, ash, poplar, oak, walnut and other types on demand). We also produce chests of drawers in wood and in melamine, and drawer backs in multilayer beech or poplar wood, as well as in chipboard and wood plated MDF.


Each of our products is designed, created, packaged and delivered according to our clients’ requirements. The quality of the materials and the manufacturing process, together with the know-how of our skilled workforce and our latest generation machinery, enable us to craft durable and reliable products that combine functionality and design.

Our products




Drawers are a key component of a piece of furniture. The simple and often unconscious act to pull and push them is what connects us with our furniture, the everyday home environment around us, and the objects that we keep in them. Drawers are custodians of fragments of our identity, they are the place where we store not only purely functional items but also those things that are more than objects but not yet a memory.


Our drawers for home and office furniture manufacturers are tailored to the client’s choice of size, material and finishes to increase the functionality and complement harmoniously the aesthetics of a finished piece of furniture.


We use top-quality panels in multilayer wood (mainly birch or poplar wood) and in solid wood. In addition to the most popular types such as pine, fir, beech, ash, poplar, oak and walnut, we can also source other types of wood on demand.


For both the four-sided drawers and the drawer fronts supplied by the client, we offer three types of drawer assembly: with dowels, dovetail or finger joints.

We can do the drawer shaping edging and different types of milling depending on the thicknesses of the base. Our drawers are supplied smoothed, unfinished or painted and varnished based on clients’ needs. They can also be assembled (with or without guides) or ready to assemble in three or four pieces in various thicknesses with or without base.

The manufacturing options we offer include: shaping of the edges and bases; boring/grooving for hidden runners; dovetail and/or finger joints; laser marking; flocking of the drawer bases; and others on request.

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Elements & Accessories

Drawer components and other accessories

  • Drawer components

We produce drawer sides, fronts, backs and bases in solid wood (ash, oak, beech, fir and others on demand), in multilayer wood (birch or poplar), in chipboard with different finishes or in wood-plated MDF. For all components we offer a range of different finishes, including specific colours or varnishes on demand.


  • Boxes and other storage solutions

We produce boxes and other storage solutions in various sizes and with various finishing options. They can be supplied with or without a lid.

  • Other accessories

We offer a wide range of other accessories for the kitchen, bathroom or the office: modular organisers or dividers (for example, for cutlery or shirts); pocket emptiers; catalogue display racks; and other wood accessories on demand. Each of these turns a drawer into a perfect storage solution.

Chests of drawers

Chests of drawers

We produce chests of drawers in various wood essences and in melamine. Our clients can choose among a wide range of wood types: tanganika, solid ash, mariko walnut wood and others on request.


The chests of drawers can be created as a complement to a wardrobe or fully finished to be used as a self-standing piece of furniture.


They can have two or four drawers and are available in different sizes. Special manufacturing options and finishes are also available on demand.

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